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    Ocean Health Initiatives
    Specialty Care

    Ocean Health Initiatives, Inc. specialty care services provides our patients easy access to specialists.

    Our specialty services includes:


    OHI’s Chiropractic services provide a variety of clinical interventions to address the needs of patients suffering with painful neuromusculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain. All treatment plans are provided to address the needs of the individual patient with a emphasis on alleviating pain and suffering while empowering the patient to take an proactive approach to their health.

    You can schedule an appointment with the chiropractor in our Lakewood and Toms River location.


    OHI and Foot Health Centers, P.A. offers comprehensive foot care services to our patients at our Lakewood and Toms River locations. We see all patients from children to aged adults caring for all foot and ankle care needs. This would include all biomechanical, skin and nail related issues, injuries, and more. A large part of our services is treating the Diabetic population through screenings and treatments.

    Ocean Health Initiatives
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    At Ocean Health Initiative, we offer a range of specialty care services to meet the unique healthcare needs of our patients. From cardiology and podiatry to chiropractic and nutrition, our experienced specialists are here to provide compassionate and high-quality care. To learn more about our specialty care services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.