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    Advanced GYN Care

    Our group of OB/GYN physicians are to help you with any of your GYN health concerns.  If you are concerned about anything related to your gynecological health our physicians can review your options for evaluation and treatment to improve the quality of your life.

    Midwifery Care

    Certified nurse midwives are registered nurses who have received advanced education with a master’s degree or PhD who specialize is women’s healthcare throughout the lifespan with the goal of optimizing your health.  Our dedicated group of certified nurse midwives can provide care to you in our office for GYN or prenatal care and will be there to deliver your baby for you at Community Medical Center when you go into labor.

    Adolescent GYN Care

    Parents often wonder when the right time to bring their teenager to the gynecologist is.  The answer is before your adolescent chooses to become sexually active, age 21, or if there are any concerns about her menstrual cycle.  The first visit for an adolescent is typically a visit to help your adolescent feel comfortable at our office as a resource and offer age-appropriate counseling.  We will assess where your teenager is at and offer counseling or treatment for their concerns.  We will want to speak your adolescent with you to hear your concerns and alone so we can address their concerns.  We want your adolescent or teenager to feel comfortable with us so that they can come to us with any concerns they may have in the future.  We work very hard to help our teenagers have a positive experience at the GYN and provide very sensitive care to this age group of women.

    Routine Gynecological care

    Maternal Fetal Medicine Ultrasound

    OHI is pleased to offer our high-risk maternal fetal medicine specialist at OHI in Toms River.  We offer access to our specialist to complete your routine 12 and 20 week ultrasounds because they have the highest level of expertise in prenatal ultrasound.  We may offer additional ultrasounds for you if medically indicated.

    High Risk OB Care

    Many women have risk factors such as previous c sections, high blood pressure, or diabetes that need physician care during your pregnancy.  Our dedicated group of physicians specialize in caring for high-risk pregnancies and will offer you evidence-based care to optimize the health of your pregnancy.

    STD Screening

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    Family Planning

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