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    Chandravadan Shah MD, FACOG

    Title: Physician MD

    Certifications: Board Certified from Americal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology since 1990

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    Education and Industry Experience:

    Board Certified American College of Ob-Gyn (ACOG)

    What does your day to day look like within your role:

    • Provide General Ob-Gyn care includes Preventive OB-Gyn services, provide Ante natal, Intra partum and Postpartum care, also provide   High Risk OB services and Teen-age pregnancy
    • Gynecological care: offer Family Panning, Contraception, Manage Menstrual Disorders, Annual Gyn care, Pre and Post-Menopausal Gynecological care.
    • Provide obstetrical care   at Community Medical Center, normal and Vaccuum assisted vaginal delivery and Cesarean section.
    • General gynecological Surgeries like Colposcopy, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Endometrial ablations   and Hysterectomy for benign gyn disorders.

    Favorite part of working at OHI:

    Working as a team, provide quality health care to underserved population of Ocean County and NJ. I greatly enjoy working at OHI and provide quality Womens Health Care to   the population we serve.

    How long have you been with OHI:

    June 2008.Practicing Ob-Gyn   since 1990 in US

    Fun fact (hobbies, passions, or other organizations you may be involved in):

    Loves to travel, listen to Music, spend time with Family and Friends