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Behavioral Health and Social Services

Behavioral Health and Social Services

The Behavioral Health and Social Services team works to provide patients with education and support that helps to build a sturdy foundation in the patients’ lives.


Through these services, patients will be met with a knowledgeable and supportive staff in order to develop life plans and goals to meet their specific needs.


Our Social Services team:


Meets with pregnant patients at OB intake and at 36 weeks.


Provides referrals and education.


Meets with parents during newborn visits, assess for post-partum depression provide resources if needed.


Makes WIC appointments


Refers to various social service agencies.

We offer assistance with obtaining:

Birth Certificate


Social Security Cards

Energy Assistance



OHI's Behavioral Health and Social Services Team

Melanie Mitchell, LCSW

Melissa Loprieto,


 Michelle Falk,


Robin Aniboli,



Rachel Brochhagen, LCSW

Lynn Kaplarczuk, LCSW

Joshua Raj,


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