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Pharmacy Services In Your Doctors Office


OHI patients from all sites are eligible to use the pharmacy under the discounted 340B pharmacy program that has a pricing tier often at a fraction of the cost of commercial pharmacy. Qualified patients will receive prescriptions at a reduced rate.

“Getting your prescription at the same time as your doctor’s visit is a luxury most people do not have. Our patients will no longer have to go to a pharmacy to get their prescriptions filled. We are thrilled to be able to offer prescription pickup after the doctor prescribes the required medication; and with our 340B pricing tier, often for a fraction of the cost of commercial pharmacy.”

~ Dr. Theresa Berger, CEO

Theresa Bello,

PharmD, RPh


Jesus Melendez,

PharmD, RPh

Saverio Chiarella,

PharmD, Rph

OHI's Pharmacy Team

Joseph Giancola,


Vijay Vohra,


Sebastian Flak,

PharmD, RPh

Anthony LaMendola,

PharmD, RPh

Salvatore Munafo,

PharmD, Rph

Stephanie Borgeson

PharmD, RPh

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