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Family and Internal Medicine

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Family and Internal Medicine

OHI's Family Medicine Department provides primary health care to patients at every stage of life.



Services Include:


Routine Checkups


Health Screenings




Lab testing


Our physicians are specially trained to diagnose and treat medical problems in adults.  OHI’s Internal Medicine department treats acute and chronic illnesses in an outpatient care setting.


Such chronic conditions include: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis and other chronic illnesses.

Services Include:


Primary care, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment


Routine follow-up


Physical exams



Chronic Care Management


Adult Immunizations

OHI's Family and Internal Medicine Team

Charisma Lanez, DO

Director of Medical Affairs

Kathleen Dagato, RN,


Carol Penn, DO

Winifred Obiora, ANP

Regina Glisson, ANP

Julie Yoskowitz, ANP

Rosily Philip, ANP

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